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PACE: Political And Civic Engagement students and rally
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The PACE program prepares undergraduate students for a lifetime of participation in American political and civic life. Its interdisciplinary courses and activities develop their communication, organization, decision-making, critical thinking, and leadership skills; and PACE motivates them to be knowledgeable, effective, and committed citizens. Through PACE students take part in a wide range of political and civic organizations: advocacy groups, non-profit agencies, political campaigns, branches of local, state, and national government, community organizations, and the media. PACE students are ready to work in political and civic organizations right after graduation and to pursue post-graduate education in law, public policy, education, business, the media, social work, and many other fields. PACE also enhances the education of students headed toward careers in other areas such as health care or the arts who want to be engaged citizens.
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IU gratefully acknowledges Edward L. Hutton for his generous contribution toward the founding of the Political And Civic Engagement program.